End of September MOIC and Digitalis presented STEPSelect at the Institute of Rheumatology Belgrade in the context of Pharmaceutical Clinical Effectiveness. STEPSelect is a model for the safe, therapeutic, economic selection of medicines with a focus on Biologics and Biosimilars. Anita Hogg (MOIC), Rob Brenninkmeijer (Digitalis), and Frans van Andel (MOIC) demonstrated the STEPselect interactive website to Goran Radunovic (deputy director/rheumatologist), Predrag Ostojic (assistant director), and other senior medical and pharmacy staff at the Institute of Rheumatology, University of Belgrade Medical School.
Location: Institute of Rheumatology, Resavska 69, Belgrade, Serbia, 27-28 September 2016

Lead picture, from left to right: Rob Brenninkmeijer, director Digitalis; Ivica Jeremic, attending physician; Katarina Giosic, pharmacist; Tatjana Jovic, physician; Jelena Colic, physician, resident of internal medicine; Mirjana Jefik Bukicica, rheumatologist; Milica Grujic, resident of internal medicine; Anita Hogg, Pharmacy Department and MOIC, Antrim Area Hospital, NHSCT; Pedrag Ostojic, assistant director; Frans van Andel, Lead for Internationalisation MOIC; Goran Radunovic, deputy director/rheumatologist.