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Papers 2021 / 22

An Evaluation of New Models of Prescribing (NMOP): A Physiotherapist Prescribing Pilot – MOIC November 2022


Mohanad Odeh a,b, Ghaith M Al-Taani c, LeeAnne Breslin a,d, Michael G. Scott e, James C McElnay ‘The Impact of Drug Burden Index on Unplanned Hospital Readmission and Length of Hospital Stay’

Ann Sinead Doherty a,b,*,1, Gary Adamson a, John Mallett a, Carmel Darcy c, Anne Friel c, Michael G. Scott d, EF Ruth Miller ‘Minding the gap-an examination of a pharmacist case management medicines optimisation intervention for older people in intermediate care settings’

Papers 2020 / 21 

Tuula A, Volmer D, Jõhvik L, Rutkovska L, Treˇciokien˙e I , Merks P, Waszyk-Nowaczyk M, Drozd M, Tatarevi´c A, Radovanlija M, Pacadi C, Meštrovi´c A, Viola R, Soós G, Rais C , Táerel A, Kuzelova M , Zare M , Peymani P , Oona M & Scott M Factors Facilitating and Hindering Development of a Medication Use Review Service in Eastern Europe and Iran-Cross-Sectional Exploratory Study. Healthcare 2021, 9, 1207.

Spargo, M., Goodfellow, N., Scullin, C., Grigoleit, S., Andreou, A., Mavromoustakis, C.X., Guerra, B., Manso, M., Larburu, N., Villacañas,Ó., Fleming, G. and Scott, M.G. (2021) ‘Shaping the Future of Digitally Enabled Health and Care’. Pharmacy, 9 (17).  Available from: [Accessed 11/03/2021].

Syafhan, N.,  Al Azzam, S., Williams,  S.D.,  Wilson, W., Brady, J., Lawrence, P., McCrudden, M., Ahmed M,10., Scott, M.G.,  Fleming, G.F., Hogg, A., Scullin, C., Horne, R., Ahir, H. and  McElnay, J.C. (2021) ‘General practitioner practice‑based pharmacist input to medicines optimisationin the UK: pragmatic, multicenter, randomised,controlled trial’. Journal of Pharmaceutical Policy and Practice ,14 (4). Available from: [Accessed  11/03/2021].

Hogg, A., Huey, R., Scott MG, and Ferguson A. (2020) ‘Informing critical care drug requirements in response to the COVID-19 pandemic’. European Journal of Hospital Pharmacy, 27, pp. 263-266. Available from: [Accessed 11/03/2021].

Odeh, M., Scullin, C., Hogg, A., Fleming, G., Scott, M.G. and McElnay, J.C. (2020) ‘A novel approach to medicines optimization post-discharge from hospital: pharmacist-led medicines optimization clinic’. International Journal of Clinical Pharmacy, 42, pp1036-1049.  Available from: [Acccessed 12/03/2021].

Sablerolles, R.S.G., Hogenhuis, F.E.F., Lafeber, M., van de Loo, B.P.A., Borgsteede, S.D., Boersma, E., Versmissen, J.,  van der Kuy, H.M. and COMET Research team. (2020)COvid MEdicaTion (COMET) study: protocol for a cohort study’. European Journal of Hospital Pharmacy 27(4), pp. 191-193. Available from: [Accessed 12/03/2021].

Sablerolles, R.S.G., Hogenhuis, F.E.F., Lafeber, M., van de Loo, B.P.A., Borgsteede, S.D., Boersma, E., Versmissen, J.,  van der Kuy, H.M. and COMET Research team (2021) ‘No association between use of ACE inhibitors or angiotensin II receptor blockers prior to hospital admission and clinical course of COVID-19 in the COvid MEdicaTion (COMET) study’. British Journal of Clinical Pharmacology, pp.1-9. Available from: [Accessed: 12/03/2021].

Sablerolles, R.S.G., Lafeber, M., van Kempen, J.A.L., van de Loo, B.P.A., Boersma, E., Rieldijk, W.J.R., Poliner-Bos, H.A., Mooijaart, S.P., van der Kuy, H.M., Versmissen, J.,  Faes, F.M. and COMET Research team. (2021) ‘Association between Clinical Frailty Scale score and hospital mortality in adult patients with COVID-19 (COMET): an international, multicentre, retrospective, observational cohort study’. The Lancet Healthy Longevity Available from: [Accessed 12/03/2021]

Pharmacy in Focus (2020) ‘MOIC Leads the Way’. Pharmacy in Focus, 4, pp. 6-7 Available from:  [Accessed 12/03/2021]

Selected Publications 2019/2020

How Northern Ireland Pharmacies Vaccinated a nation O’Neill K and Spargo M. How Northern Ireland’s pharmacies vaccinated a nation. C+D. Published online 

A novel approach to medicines optimisation post-discharge from hospital: pharmacist-led medicines optimisation clinic  Mohanad Odeh, Claire Scullin, Anita Hogg, Glenda Fleming, Michael G. Scott & James C. McElnay 

 López-Lozano JM, Lawes T, Nebot C, Beyaert A, Bertrand X, Hocquet D, Aldeyab M, Scott M, Conlon-Bingham G, Farren D, Kardos G, Fésűs A, Rodríguez-Baño J, Retamar P, Gonzalo-Jiménez N, Gould IM; THRESHOLDS study group.  A nonlinear time-series analysis approach to identify thresholds in associations between population antibiotic use and rates of resistance.  Nat Microbiol. (2019) 4: 1160–1172 doi: 10.1038/s41564-019-0410-0.

Odeh M, Scullin C, Fleming G,  Scott MG, Horne R and McElnay JC. Ensuring continuity of patient care across the healthcare interface: Telephone follow-up post-hospitalization.  British Journal of Clinical Pharmacology (2019) 85(3): 616-625

Burnett K, Callaghan L, McCarron P, Scott M, McKee P, et al. The Impact of Peripheral Venous Catheter Procedural Kits on Improving Clinical Outcomes in Hospitalised Patients. Arch Phar & Pharmacol Res.  (2019) 1(5) APPR.MS.ID.000524. DOI: 10.33552/APPR.2019.01.000524.

Abuelhana A, Burnett K, Ashfield L, Scott MG, Fleming GF, Sabry N, Farid, S.  Analysis of activities undertaken by ward-based clinical pharmacy technicians during patient hospital journey.


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Annual Report 2019 /20 




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