It’s World Patient Safety Day and it is a day to highlight that patient safety is at the forefront of everything we do.

MOIC is the only dedicated medicines optimisation centre in Europe and we work across Europe to improve medicines use, leading to better patient care. We provide research, project management and offer professional expertise on projects that will improve patient safety through correct medicines use. We engage with partners across Europe and throughout the world on best practice and bring his learning back to Northern Ireland.

Today on World Patient Safety Day, take a look at some of our recent publications, the first examines how medicine optimisation clinics can reduce hospital readmission and the second looks at critical care drug use in ICU during Covid. Both these projects had patient safety as the key driver.

Medicine Optimisation reducing Hospital re-admission

This work looked at how educating patients on their medicine use through dedicated clinics could lead to fewer hospital patients.


  • Readmission rate reduction at 30 days was 9.6%
  • Reduction in multiple readmissions over 180-days was 29.1%
Critical Care Drug Requirements

The main aim of this work was to develop a process to estimate critical care drug requirements to robustly inform regional procurement planning and preparedness in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. The objectives were to identify critical care drugs required, obtain patient usage data and consider current regional practice to establish the requirement.