There is a major drive within healthcare to reduce patient readmissions to hospital. MOIC has led research on how a medicines optimisation clinic can change readmission to hospital rates and lead to better patient care.

The research focused on assessing the impact of a post-discharge, pharmacist-led medicines optimisation clinic on readmission within the respiratory and cardiology wards

Adult patients with acute unplanned admission to medical wards were invited to attend clinic to review their medicines and educate patients on proper use of their medicines.


  • Readmission rate reduction at 30 days was 9.6%
  • Reduction in multiple readmissions over 180-days was 29.1%

A positive impact was also demonstrated in relation to patient beliefs about their medicines and medication adherence.

Anita Hogg Northern Health and Social Trust

Having delivered the medicines optimisation clinic and supported patients in the safe and effective use of their medicines, I’m delighted that this paper has been published, reinforcing the benefits of a dedicated medicines optimisation clinic to patient care after discharge from hospital”

The post-discharge medicines optimisation clinic was beneficial from a patient care and cost perspective.

Full paper can be found here.