Frans van Andel and Anita Hogg from MOIC and Rob Brenninkmeijer (Digitalis) facilitated a seminar at the WHO Country Office in Kiev, Ukraine on 7 July 2017. The seminar included an introduction to MOIC, discussion on optimising medicines selection and an interactive demonstration of STEPSelect. The meeting was attended by over 20 representatives from WHO, the Ministry of Health Ukraine, UNICEF Ukraine, UNDP Ukraine, and Crown Agents. Among others:

Alina Yurova (Health Project Manager and PoC for the Pharmaceutical Management – USAID / Ukraine Health Office).

UNICEF Ukraine: Giovanne Barberis (UNICEF Representative in Ukraine), Kateryna Bulavinova (UNICEF Ukraine health expert), Susanna Lehtimaki (Healt & Nutrition Specialist), and Valeria Markova (Procurement Officer).

Ministry of Health – Crown Agents: Christine Jackson (Project Director / Procurement Support), and Tetiana Korotchenko (Procurement Support).

UNDP Ukraine: Jan Thomas Hiemstra (UNDP Country Director), Natalya Lukyanova (HIV and Health Procurement Reform Specialist / PhD), Oleksandr Koval (Procurement and Logistics Associate), Anastasia Boiko (Strategic Communications Officer), Zafar Yuldoshev (Project Coordinator), and Katerina Ribalchenko (Policy Officer Social and Economic Development).

State Expert Center of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine: Tetiana Dumenko (Director of the State Enterprise State Expert Center of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine), and Dmytro Aleshko (State Expert Center of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine)

Ministry of Health of Ukraine: Professor Oleksandra Oleshchuk (Head of Pharmacology and Clinical Pharmacology Department), Tetyana Coba (Minister’s Advisor in Procurement), Taras Liaskovski (Head of the Pharmacy Department), Natalia Gutsal (Head of the Department of Management and Registration of Medical and Immunobiological Medicines), Marriana Hladkevych (Deputy Minister Ilyk’s Chief of Staff), and Oleksandr Hrinchenko (Head of the sector of the formation of the state policy in the field of quality of medicinal products management of pharmaceutical activity and quality of pharmaceutical products).

Location: Seminar ‘Rational Medicines Selection in Ukraine on STEPSelect Programme’, Friday 7 July, WHO Office Kiev, Ukraine.