Dr Frans van Andel, Lead in Internationalisation MOIC, met with a delegation of hospitals in Tbilisi on March 1st. Georgia is the only country in the former Soviet Union, which has fully privatised its healthcare delivery system. The organisation of pharmaceutical services poses new challenges for both Medison as well as GEO, as these services need to be set up in a more professional and service oriented manner. Accountability is a major issue.

Dr Van Andel introduced capabilities of the MOIC in general and the clinical procurement system STEPSelect during the meeting. Both healthcare providers agreed that the STEPSelect system could be a major innovative asset and they acknowledged that introducing the system would actually greatly improve the involvement of clinicians in the selection process of medicines. Collaborative projects were discussed and these will be outlined in more detail in the coming period.

From left to right: Mr Nick Urushadze, Director of Resources Medison Clinics, Dr Tengiz Tsuladze, Head of Clinical Services both of GEO Hospitals, and Dr Sophie Gasitashvili, CEO.