‘Enhanced clinical pharmacy service targeting tools: risk-predictive algorithms’, Feras W.D. El Hajji PhD, Claire Scullin PhD, Michael G. Scott PhD and James C. McElnay PhD. Journal of Evaluation in Clinical Practice ISSN 1365-2753. Accepted 17 September 2014.

Abstract: This study aimed to determine the value of using a mix of clinical pharmacy data and routine hospital admission spell data in the development of predictive algorithms. Exploration of risk factors in hospitalized patients, together with the targeting strategies devised, will enable the prioritization of clinical pharmacy services to optimize patient outcomes.

Conclusion: Algorithms created were valid in predicting risk of in-hospital and post-discharge mortality and risk of hospital readmission 3, 6 and 12 months post-discharge. The provision of ward-based clinical pharmacy services is a key component to reducing RAMI and enabling the full benefits of pharmacy input to patient care to berealized.

JECP Sep 2014 Enhanced clinical pharmacy service targeting tools riskpredictive algorithms