Dianne Gill (Assistant Director MOIC) presented the poster on ‘Assessment of New Single Patient Use Cardinal Health™ NPWT Pro device in Practice in an NHS Setting’. The occasion was the Wounds UK Conference 2016 at Harrogate International Centre, 14-16 November 2016. The poster shows the research and results of the device. The merits of topical negative pressure (TNP) are well reviewed in the literature including enhanced healing and granulation tissue formation, management of highly exuding wounds, reduced dressing changes, reduced nurse time, reduced costs, and improved quality of life. The Cardinal Health™ NPWT Pro device (NPWT PRO) has been designed as a disposable system, capable of managing high levels of exudate, with replaceable 500ml canisters. The NPWT Pro is pre-programmed with a set numbers of hours. The service evaluation was conducted by the MOIC based in the Northern Health and Social Care Trust (NHSCT) in Northern Ireland. The results were clear. Without exception the wound size decreased over the course of the therapy with the NPWT PRO. In addition, there was also a reduction in exudate levels and an increase in granulation tissue over the duration of the treatment.

The Wounds UK Conference 2016

Dianne Gill Poster Wounds UK Conference Harrogate 2016