The Catalan delegation visited MOIC on 28th and 29th April under the EIP Reference site twinning scheme.  The two-day programme included presentations on the technology solutions LAMPs, Writemed and EPICs, presentations on projects, including GP practice case management, nursing home/intermediate care, and medicines management clinics, in addition to discussions on STEPSelect and tours of the pharmacy department and cardiology ward.

From left: Linden Ashfield, Mireia Massot Mesquida (Pharmacist of Primary Care, Catalan Institute of Health), Ana Clopés Estela (Chief of Pharmaceutical Affairs, Catalan Institute of Health), Ariadna Padullés Zamora (Clinical Pharmacist, Bellvitge Hospital), Anita Hogg, Maria Rosa Morral Parente (Primary Care Director, Catalan Institute of Health), and Michael Scott.