Eligible target users of the patient-facing SHAPES app will soon be able to get their hands on an early prototype to test its design and functionality in a real-world setting. Planning for Phase 3 of the SHAPES pan-European pilot campaign in Northern Ireland is currently underway.

The SHAPES App contains two digital solutions, eCare and eHealthpass, provided by SHAPES Partners EDGE and GNOMON respectively, that aim to help users self-manage their health conditions. During this phase of the pilot, participants will be shown the app and trained how to use it. They will then have a few days to use the app at home and challenge the app’s functionalities to test if it meets their needs and is acceptable and usable.

Adaptations are already being made to the app’s design to make it more user-friendly after feedback received during Phase 2. This next phase is another example of how SHAPES is following a co-design approach to best meet the needs of older individuals. Phase 3 is due to start in August 2021.