The Thresholds Study Group, which includes representatives from MOIC and the Northern Health and Social Care Trust, has just published a paper in the prestigious Nature Microbiology journal.  The paper focuses on a non-linear time-series analysis approach to identify thresholds in associations between population antibiotic use and rates of resistance.

Historical prescribing and microbiological data from five populations spanning four European coutries (Hungary, Spain, France and Northern Ireland) were included.  Minimum thresholds were identified in temporal relationships between the use of selected antibiotics and resistance.  This approach, using routinely generated data, can identify context-specific quantitative targets for rationalising population antibiotic use and controlling resistance.  Read the full paper here.

Antimicrobial stewardship (AMR) is a key priority for healthcare organisations worldwide.  AMR aims to control antimicrobial resistance by reducing inappropirate use, while ensuring access to effective therapy.