Mission & Vision


Mission & Vision

The Medicines Optimisation Innovation Centre will provide a focus for developing a systematic approach to finding and testing solutions for the HSC and will have the following functions:

  • Project managing an innovation programme of research and development projects
  • Developing, testing and evaluating solutions to pre-commissioning stage
  • Supporting successful translation into HSC service delivery and commissioning
  • Helping projects to access and utilise available funding streams
  • Providing a regional centre of expertise for research and service development in medicines optimisation and post-implementation review of service delivery
  • Building local expertise and competence in developing and translating research into practice
  • Developing a hosting programme and also expediting knowledge transfer to other to other countries
  • Facilitating a continuous cycle of quality improvement within the HSC in the area of medicines optimisation.

The centre will also have wider benefits, combining pharmaceutical and R&D skills with technology and business acumen to:

  • Provide evidence-based solutions for medicines optimisation which could be developed commercially, marketed and sold to other countries with the HSC as a beneficiary
  • Promote NI as a leading area for medicines optimisation R&D and strengthen NI’s four star EU reference status bid
  • Attract inward investment into a NI Medicines Optimisation Innovation Fund/Programme
  • Increase collaborative working with older established research networks in the UK, Europe and internationally