MOIC are partnering with the Western Health and Social Care Trust Respiratory Services and Continga® to look at innovative ways of monitoring asthma patients medications from their own home through direct observation of therapy (DOT). Direct observation of therapy (DOT) is the visual monitoring of a patient’s medication administration, to ensure compliance or effective technique.

Continga® has developed a video DOT (v-DOT) platform that operates on mobile phones and other portable devices. The process involves the patient making a short ‘selfie’ video of their medication administration, which is automatically uploaded for viewing, on a secure website, by a healthcare professional.

This project aims to use the Continga® v-DOT platform to collect data from 10 patients from the adult asthma service, Altnagelvin Area Hospital. Patients will be invited to use the Continga® v-DOT platform (with their direct clinical care team) for a period of up to 6 weeks. The data from the 10 patients will be collected over a period of three months.

The primary aim of this quality improvement project is to determine the feasibility and establish the use of the Continga® v-DOT platform in the adult asthma patient service in the WHSCT.

The project opened to patients in December. So far two patients have begun their journey using this platform and we will provide further progress updates throughout the project.