At the Leadership Conference, 4 November 2015, in Ballymena, Health Minister Simon Hamilton has announced radical changes to the way health and social care in Northern Ireland is delivered. 

‘We will find out if other parties have the resolve for reform or if it was all just rhetoric. By being bold and by being brave I believe that we have the ability within Northern Ireland’s Health and Social Care system to not just see off this existential threat but also build that world class service that our citizens deserve.’

The Minister made his comments at a Leadership Conference in Ballymena today, to an audience of over 200 senior health service staff. Speaking at the conference, the Minister said: ‘Since its establishment, the people of the United Kingdom have cherished the Health Service and the core principles it was founded upon. Those core principles are, I believe, facing their biggest test in the 60+ year history of the NHS. There is a real risk that if we fail to acknowledge, address and answer the multiple challenges that are before us, future generations will not have a Health Service like the one we did. They will instead inherit something far removed from the Health Service we know and love.’

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