Anita Hogg recently travelled to Bologna Italy to attend the ENABLE COST Action meetings and the Eurodurg Conference.

The ENABLE COST Action promotes best practice in the development and sustainable implementation of medication adherence technologies in health and social care systems. The Bologna meetings facilitated multidisciplinary collaboration for successful development and deployment of technologies and supported further development of the ENABLE repository, a key deliverable of the ENABLE Action. Over 30 countries participated. MOIC is a member of both Working Groups 1 and 2.

The European Drug Utilisation Research Group has a long time tradition of arranging scientific meetings focusing on the quality use of medicines. This year focused on the sustainable use of medicine, globalisation of medicine use and drug utilisation as well as a special focus on medication adherence. Anita attended on behalf of MOIC and was pleased to present a poster on the iSIMPATHY Shared learning model.

This was a fantastic opportunity to showcase MOIC’s work to a global audience and connect with colleagues throughout Europe.

To view the poster click here.