The Medicines Optimisation Quality Framework has been developed to support better health for the population of Northern Ireland by focusing attention on gaining the best possible outcome from medicines every time that they are prescribed, dispensed and administered and by addressing gaps in pharmacist to patient facing interventions in health and social care settings. The Medicines Optimisation Quality Framework supports an approach in which patients are more involved in decisions about their medicines and are supported by multidisciplinary professionals working collaboratively to deliver best practices which aim to achieve the best possible health outcomes from their treatment. It introduces a regional model for medicines optimisation supported by quality standards and an integrated reform and innovation programme to develop, test and scale up best practices across the HSC.

The Framework sets expectations for improvements in the three domains of quality and is primarily aimed at those with responsibility for, and influence on, commissioning decisions and front line service delivery in Northern Ireland.
Innovation is an important component of the Framework and a strategic approach will be adopted to deliver a regional innovation and change programme.
Led by a regional steering group comprising of an alliance of HSC stakeholders, including commissioners, the programme will involve a prioritised work plan to develop, test and scale up best practice solutions, exploiting new and existing funding streams, whilst using existing funding streams and resources efficiently.

The MOIC will support this by providing the expertise to:
Project manage an innovation programme of research and service development projects. Develop, test and evaluate solutions to pre‐commissioning stage. Support successful translation into HSC service delivery and commissioning. Help projects to access and utilise available funding streams. Provide a regional centre of expertise for research and service development in medicines optimisation and post‐implementation review of service delivery. Build local expertise and competence in developing and translating research into
practice. Facilitate a continuous cycle of improvement within the HSC in the area of medicines optimisation. The work of the MOIC will lead to the development of a medicines optimisation network linking the HSC with other health and life science networks and innovation centres in Northern Ireland, UK and internationally.

It will also support knowledge sharing within the HSC and support the development of collaborative working partnerships between participants such as commissioners (HSC Board, Trusts, PHA, BSO), policy (DoH), patients, independent contractors (GPs and community pharmacies), independent domiciliary care providers, academia (UU and QUB), pharmaceutical and technology Industries, voluntary sector, expert(s) with research skills, NIMDTA, NICPLD, NIPEC, other innovation centres and translational research groups e.g., CTRIC, Health and Social Care professionals, and experts from across the UK and international.