Frontiers in Pharmacology, the 3rd most-cited and 6th largest research publisher, has today published a manuscript looking at how the  wider adoption of clinical pharmacy in Central and Eastern Europe will improve patient outcomes. MOIC were delighted to co-author this paper alongside partners from across Europe.  This important paper provides more visibility across Europe for clinical pharmacy and supports the WHO 3rd Global Patient Safety Challenge ‘Medication without harm’.

Clinical pharmacy as an area of practice, education and research started developing around the 1960s when pharmacists across the globe gradually identified the need to focus more on ensuring the appropriate use of medicines to improve patient outcomes rather than being engaged in manufacturing and supply. Since that time numerous studies have shown the positive impact of clinical pharmacy services (CPS). The need for wider adoption of CPS worldwide becomes urgent, as the global population ages, and the prevalence of polypharmacy as well as shortage of healthcare professionals is rising.

Clinical Pharmacy in Northern Ireland is ahead of the trend across Europe and is an example of best practice.   MOIC has been working with colleagues across Europe to share best practice and support medicines optimisation, including the development of clinical pharmacy to deliver improved patient outcomes.

Read the paper in full here.