Nicola Goodfellow presented at SHAPES pre-conference programme of the 17th International Conference of the Association for the Advancement of Assistive Technology in Europe (AAATE) in Paris.

This event provided an opportunity for all pilot leaders to present on the piloting of SHAPES (Smart and Healthy Aging Through People Engaging in Supportive Systems) Digital Solutions in the SHAPES Innovation Action. Nicola Goodfellow, a MOIC programme manager, presented on Pilot 3, Medicine control and optimisation.

This pilot trailed the use of 9 SHAPES Digital Solutions with 73 older adults for 12 weeks in 4 countries across Europe, including participants from the NHSCT. The positive impacts from the pilot seen at NHSCT were: participants felt reassured that they were able to self-monitor their condition; they had a high level of trust for collecting health data and willingness to share it with healthcare teams; and most participants expressed an interest in continuing to use the Digital Solutions if they were available after the pilot.

Get in SHAPES! – AAATE 2023