Healthcare Analytics and Multitone engaged in a 2-year research project with MOIC to design and build a solution to effectively manage key assets, including beds and mattresses.  The technology provides real time asset location, with a built-in task management application for monitoring the availability, cleaning and maintenance of the assets.

Consisting of a small chip and antenna, tags are attached to beds and mattresses.  Each tag has a unique device identification number and radio waves are used to track the assets.  A barcode is also included on the tags to allow staff to identify the history of the asset by scanning the barcode using a mobile app.  The mobile app also allows staff to manage requests for bed moves, cleaning and maintenance.  All requests, notices and alerts are processed via the Multitone mission critical iMessage Service so that all messages are sent and received in a timely manner.

The whole service is managed via a Management Dashboard which includes the database and software for processing the data.  The software can be integrated with other  Patient Administration and Ward Management Systems for efficient and effective bed management.

‘Our patients get access to the right equipment at the right time for the right patient, resulting in safer patient care while delivering a better patient experience’ (Dr Naomi Baldwin PhD, Senior Nurse Patient Safety and Performance, Northern Health and Social Care Trust).

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