A delegation from Northern Ireland attended the conference in Brussels on the SIMPATHY research programme ‘Polypharmacy and adherence in elderly population’. This conference aimed to showcase the outcome of the EU funded SIMPATHY project.

Third EU Health Programme

Ten organisations from across Europe have come together within the  SIMPATHY (Stimulating Innovation Management of Polypharmacy and Adherence in The Elderly) project to address health service provision and sustainable management of medication among the elderly. The project aims to deliver the necessary change in management approaches and develop tools to help manage multi-medication and adherence to prescribed drugs. It is funded by the Third EU Health Programme and aims to stimulate, promote and support innovation across the EU in management of appropriate polypharmacy and adherence in the elderly.

At the final conference good practice was identified and shared like the components required to optimise impact, and new tools were demonstrated to gather evidence on the potential economic impact of improved approaches to polypharmacy. A wide range of professionals and key stakeholders from across Europe were invited to this conference including Ministers of Health and key decision makers. MOIC was represented at the conference by Michael Scott, Glenda Fleming, Cathy Harrison, and Claire Scullin.

‘Active and healthy ageing – Addressing the challenges of multi-medication in Europe’s elderly population’ conference. Organisation by SIMPATHY project, Scottish Government EU Office. Date: 27 April 2017. Location: Scotland House, Rond Point Schuman 6, Brussels.
More information on the conference can be found at
simpathy.eu and the SIMPATHY Brussels Workshop Agenda 27 april 2017

Picture: The NI team with Dr Neelam Dhingra (Coordinator of Patient Safety & Quality Improvement Unit – WHO).