Community Pharmacy Flu Vaccination Pilot

Community Pharmacy Flu

In October 2019, the Community Pharmacy Seasonal Flu Vaccination (CPFV) Pilot Service for frontline Health & Social Care workers (HSCW) was launched within the Western Health & Social Care Trust area.  This service was commissioned to run alongside the Seasonal Influenza Vaccination Programme 2019/2020 to sustain and maximise the uptake of the flu vaccine amongst frontline HSCW.

MOIC are assisting the HSCB and Public Health Agency in the evaluation of this CPFV pilot service.  In the Western Trust area, 26 pharmacies are offering the service during the Flu Season from October 2019- March 2020.  Building the capacity of community pharmacies as an additional route to vaccination could provide improved accessibility and convenience for frontline HSCW.  Evaluation is set to commence at the conclusion of the current Flu Season (March/April 2020).


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May 7, 2020